Comparison of the percentage share of exports in the first six months of 2019 compared to the first inventory of the period with the average of previous years

Far East:
In March, the sale of postage in the major market of the Far East compared to the previous month It fell, but in the end we got a total sale of about 70,000 tons from the beginning of the business year. Last month, the market lost its former traction, but with rising prices, this expectation There is a need for the market to move towards the downturn and revitalize.

Indian subcontinent:
The most amazing target market in Iran in the past six months is quasi-elegant.
The continent is India. 64% increase in Iran sales compared to product year .The past shows the high potential of this market for postal sales.The increase in familiarity with the demands of the final customer, the good quality of the stretched pistachios and the brain in this market, has reduced the number of Iranian pistachio exports to the Indian subcontinent to nearly 18,000.

If we want to compare this market with the booming years, nothing but
Disappointment will not await us. But now they are in the fourth place.
Iran's target markets are dedicated to themselves; This is while It is a fact that in the past month, the number of exports to this market has been noticeable.Monthly exports to Europe about 3,000 tons and total exports in the first six months
This year, the crop was over 13,000 tons. It is expected that the volume
It is noteworthy that this amount of exports in March were unsold to Europe Has been sent.

Middle East:
The traditional and reliable Middle East market reached 10,000 during the first six months You have experienced a product and it seems that it is because of the moon.Happy Ramadan, the number of exports to this market will increase in April.

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