Drought damage and rising temperatures to pistachio fields in Feyz Abad, Razavi Khorasan

According to the Khorasan Razavi Wave news agency, Hadi Sarban, director of the Jihad Keshavarzi in FeyzAbad, announced in a news item: In addition to reducing the quality and quantity of water resources, the production of this product has faced serious challenges.

Sarban further noted: According to expert visits to pistachio orchards in the city, 40 to 80 percent damage to the crop in different cultivars and areas has been found, the main damage is related to rising temperatures during pollination and lack of fruit inoculation.

The director of Jihad Keshavarzi of Feyz Abad city stated: the amount of production this year is not predictable yet and temperature and humidity fluctuations in spring and summer heat still threaten the pistachios of Feyz Abad city.

He emphasized: more than 7,000 pistachio farmers in Feyz Abad city have an important role in pistachio production in the household economy and the damage to the city’s pistachio orchards, the region’s economy and the income of gardeners has been reduced.

In conclusion, Sarban noted: “We hope that the authorities in the field of crisis management, insurance, departments and support and support agencies will help so that we can compensate some of these damages.”

Author: Ali Khakpash

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