Pistachio Museum to be set up in Rafsanjan

The governor of Rafsanjan said: the work of creating a pistachio museum in Rafsanjan as the birthplace and origin of pistachios in Iran will be key next week. According to the Mehr correspondent, Majid Fassihi Harandi said on Wednesday night at the closing ceremony of the Employment Photo Festival: “Behind every good event, there are people with good taste and good thinking, and these are good people who have been able to save humanity and the path of human excellence throughout history.” They evolve smoothly in this river.

He added: “Employment concerns start from homes and continue until higher responsibilities, and a person who is deprived of employment may suffer from any social harms, so it is necessary to provide employment opportunities.”

The governor of Rafsanjan stated: Rafsanjan city has a lot of capacities that must be turned from potential to actual. In Rafsanjan in the harvest season, this year there was over 4 to 5 thousand billion tomans of capital, a significant part of which has been sold in the market.

In another part of his speech, he said: In this city, there have been many inventions in the field of pistachio processing, in this regard, next week, the establishment of a pistachio museum in Rafsanjan as the birthplace and origin of pistachios in Iran will be keyed to intangible pistachio culture in To have Rafsanjan and to be a part of tourism in this city.

Fassihi Harandi added: “We have 70-80 pistachio cultivars in this museum, while four new pistachio cultivars will be introduced, which can be cultivated in other cities as well.” The governor of Rafsanjan went on to say that looking at employment is not just income, but should be focused on the future: “Now that the population of the country is young, jobs must be created.”

Fassihi Harandi praised the organizers of the Employment Photo Festival, adding: “This festival is a step towards accompanying artists who have a different view on employment.” For whatever purpose this festival is held, they can encourage artists and I thank those involved and I welcome its internationalization.

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