Pistachio processing was optimized with Iranian knowledge-based machines

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, a company had been designing and manufacturing automatic pistachio processing machines on its agenda since 1976. Over the years, the company has designed and manufactured various machines to increase the productivity of pistachio harvesting.

According to Hossein Shahsavari, CEO of Daneshbanian Company, Mumtazan Industries developed two stages of manufacturing its machines and presented various ideas and inventions in the field of pistachio processing machines, and has so far registered several patents in this field.

He added: “Separation of clusters and leaves from pistachios”, “Pistachio crusher for easier peeling”, “Fresh pistachio peeling”, “Separation of hollow pistachios, skin and light clusters”, “Evaporator of pistachio surface moisture”, “Separation of pistachio skin Peeled pistachios “etc. are among the products of our knowledge base.

The technology activist continued: “Design and production of a device for separating dust and particles inside pistachios”, “Separating small and poor pistachios”, “Hot air supply device for dehumidifiers”, “Drying and roasting pistachios”, “Separating smiling pistachios” “Closed mouth” and “wind machine production machine in seasons when there is a risk of frostbite” are other products of the company’s knowledge base.

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