Pistachio Production Forecast & Report

USA Pistachio Report

The 2020/2021 crop has been updated slightly up from the previous forecast of 469,000 metric tons (1.03 billion lbs., in-shell basis) and is now estimated at around 477,000 metric tons (1.05 billion lbs.).

US shipments last year added up to over 266,000 metric tons (588 million lbs.). This year’s demand leading up to Chinese New Year and US sales during the holiday season remained consistent with the prior year and is anticipated to remain strong overall. Crop to date US shipments as of November amounted to 93,800 metric tons (207 MM lbs.), 3% up compared to last’s year November crop to date of 91,100 metric tons (201 MM lbs.). Several factors affecting sales last year are continuing to be challenges this year: along with the increase in Iranian supply, additional tariffs between China and the US, and the impact of COVID-19 in the export market, shipment issues are creating near-term shortages. 

Iran Pistachio Report

According to the Iran Pistachio Association, year to date (September 23, 2020-January 20, 2021) international shipments added up to around 106,000 tons of pistachios, only third to 2007 and 2014 record crop years. About 60% of the starting inventory had already been shipped during the first four months of the current marketing year, which will limit the available inventory for the latter months of the current marketing year.

Exports to the Far East amounted to 57,000 MT; three times up from the same period the previous year. YTD shipments to India reached 14,000 MT, up 75% compared to 2019, followed by the EU with 7,000 MT.

Demand for larger pistachio nut varieties has been exceptional this year. Hence, it is assumed that the largest share of the remaining inventory consists of Fandoghi variety. Natural kernel demand has also been very strong in different markets due to its price attractiveness.

Turkey Pistachio Report

This season, Turkish pistachio hit a record harvest of over 300,000 MT in-shell base. After 60-70% of the harvest was completed, prices softened in the market accordingly. However, due to the pandemic and related governmental rules, not all the raw materials were able to be delivered to the market, refraining prices to drop to the expected levels. The traditional domestic market has not reflected the “on year” crop in terms of pricing either. Season 2021/22 is expected to be an off-year with a crop of around 160-180,000 MT. 

Spain Pistachio Report

Considering the accumulated reserves and the new orchards entering into production, season 2021/2022 is anticipated to be an on-year. Although effective production will depend on the spring late frosts, rains and fruit setting conditions, a crop of around 3,000 MT is forecasted.

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