Prediction of harvesting 60 tons of pistachios from the gardens of West Azerbaijan

According to the report of Mahabad Center of Radio and Television News Agency; The Deputy Minister of Crop Production Improvement of the West Azerbaijan Agricultural Jihad Organization said: “According to the forecasts, 60 tons of pistachios will be harvested from 125 hectares of fertile orchards in West Azerbaijan this year.”

Jafar Vahdat added: Pistachio planting has been done on 500 hectares of agricultural lands located in the catchment area of Lake Urmia, of which 125 hectares of these gardens are fertile.

Vahdat, stating that some cities of West Azerbaijan due to environmental conditions, مناس have a good capacity for cultivation and production of pistachios, said: the main pistachios of the province have been cultivated in the cities of Urmia and Salmas.

He added: “Pistachio harvest has started since late September and due to the lack of water resources and the need to replace water-rich gardens with low-need gardens, the construction of pistachio orchards will be done in recent years in the province, provided that high-water gardens are replaced.”

Vahdat, referring to the average production of 500 kg of pistachios per hectare, stated: Due to climate change and in case of funding from the plan to improve, rehabilitate and replace gardens and change the cultivation pattern to revitalize Lake Urmia to develop low-water products such as pistachios And Sanjad is used instead of other garden products.

The Deputy Minister of Crop Production Improvement of West Azerbaijan Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization stated that the main transplanted cultivars in the gardens of the province are Ahmad Aghaei cultivars and added: The cultivars used in the orchards are Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Rezaei, Abbas Ali, Shahpasand and AN1 to AN5, male Zodgol and Nardirgol.

Author: Ali Khakpash

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