Production of saffron processing machine in the maze of anti-production regulations / when principled processing ends to the detriment of exporters

According to the inventor of the saffron processing machine, the production of this machine has been lagging behind investors and facilities for a long time; A device that, in case of production, makes a significant profit for the farmer and our country in general; But officials do not seem to want to succeed.

According to the Fars news agency from Mashhad, “We do not have anything called the National Saffron Council, but only the Saffron Traders Council; How is this a council in which only merchants are members without the presence of farmers; “In fact, in addition to traders, farmers, saffron craftsmen and processors should be present in this council so that decisions can be made taking into account the rights of all saffron-related businesses, and not just a group of exporters in this council to make decisions.” Part of the grievances of Mohammad Ali Abrishami is the inventor of the saffron processing machine, who has spent 22 years of his life to build a cost-effective machine that the farmer can buy and can sell saffron with better quality and finally more price, and with power More presence in the global market.

But in this interview, Abrishami talks about the lack of necessary support for the production of this device and reveals the economic policies that unfortunately have put a stumbling block in the production wheel and have made the private sector investor afraid to invest in the production field.

Last year, we produced saffron for only 300 million people

Abrishamifar, regarding the statements of some experts regarding the equality of income from saffron with oil, if he cares about this product, tells a Fars reporter: This point is one of the exaggerations aimed at inciting people. Last year, we produced between 400 and 450 tons of saffron in the country, which is estimated to be about 150 tons of this amount has not been sold and remains for this year; In other words, last year we were able to export about 300 tons of saffron and 300 tons, which means 300 million grams, and in other words, we were only able to produce one gram of saffron per year for 300 million people out of about eight billion people in the world.

He goes on to point out that Iran produces about 90% of the world’s saffron: Saffron, as the king of spices, is the only product that combines aroma, color, taste and medicinal properties, and now the question is how to make a cappuccino. It is widespread in our country, but Iranian saffron is not widespread in the world ?!

“We can not use saffron medicinally, because saffron is picked and dried by hand,” he said, referring to Germany’s very high turnover of medicinal plants.

We need 35 billion tomans of capital

Abrishamifar continued his speech regarding the amount of capital that the saffron processing machine production plant needs, said: to buy land, build a factory that will be equipped with processing machines and produce the first 200 machines for the first year and supply about 35 billion tomans of energy. Is.

He continues: “From today, when we start working, the factory will be profitable for at least 18 months and up to the next two years.”

The inventor points out that this device has been compared between all existing industries by monitoring 75 items including price, dimensions, network compatibility, ease of use, portability, ease of repair, cost, energy, etc. It ranks first, stating: The only challenge with this device is investing in mass production.

Abrishamifar states: This machine is affordable in terms of price and costs 65 million tomans for the farmer, and its dimensions are 83 centimeters by 2 meters and 150 centimeters in height, which can be placed in one room.

Author: Atefeh Pedramifar

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