Saffron production likely to decline due to reduced rainfall

Ali Hosseini in an interview with Mizan, referring to droughts and the possibility of reducing saffron production, said: “Droughts may reduce saffron production and this issue affects the trend of saffron prices.”

He said: “Drought also reduces the growth of saffron onions, which reduces production by reducing plant vigor.”

A member of the National Saffron Council emphasized: There is a possibility of increasing the price of saffron due to the decrease in production and in the last one month it has faced a growth of 20%.

Regarding prices, Hosseini said: “Currently, each kilo of saffron in the market is priced between 8 and 18 million tomans.”

Referring to the growing trend of saffron exports, he said: “This year, saffron exports have been growing and the target countries for exports have increased to 60 countries.”

Iran ranks first in the world in the production of saffron and produces a large volume of saffron in the world, so it is very important in the category of non-oil exports of the country and each year the country receives a significant currency.

Author: Atefeh Pedramifar

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