The National Festival “Pistachio” in Rafsanjan

In an interview with a Fars reporter in Rafsanjan today, Hassan Hosseini said: “The people of Rafsanjan have been cultivating pistachios for about a century, and the largest man-made artificial forest in the world has been created by the people of this land and besides agriculture and pistachio cultivation.” Which has affected the lives of the people and the region.

The head of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism of Rafsanjan city stated: In 2016, Rafsanjan pistachio was nationally registered in the list of intangible works, and considering the pistachio and cultural capacity that came from its place a century ago, we decided to hold the National Pistachio Festival. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of pistachios and the fifth year of its national registration.

He said: “The festival has sections including films, photos, one-minute films, poems, sounds and scenes related to lullabies and songs on the subject of pistachios. The impact of pistachio in the cultural, social, artistic and … in the lives of the people of Rafsanjan and the region.

Hosseini continued: “Holding local indigenous games is another part of the festival that those who are interested can register and these games will be held during the festival.”

Noting that the call for the festival will be published soon, he noted: In the second half of November, a special program will be prepared for the citizens to use the exhibition and the festival space, according to the conditions of Corona.

Author: Ali Khakpash

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