Drought damage and rising temperatures to pistachio fields in Feyz Abad, Razavi Khorasan

According to the Khorasan Razavi Wave news agency, Hadi Sarban, director of the Jihad Keshavarzi in FeyzAbad, announced in a news item: In addition to reducing the quality and quantity of water resources, the production of this product has faced serious challenges. Sarban further noted: According to expert visits to pistachio orchards in the city, […]

33% reduction in Iranian pistachios in 2021

The spokesman of Iran’s customs said: due to drought and damage to pistachio crop, the export of pistachios in 2021 compared to 2020 has resulted in a 33% reduction in weight and value. According to the Mehr news agency, Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi stated that 135,322 tons of pistachios worth 914,427,826 dollars were exported to 75 […]

Iranian pistachio production has dropped by 135,000 tons

The head of the Kerman Chamber, referring to the importance of pistachio products for the country and Kerman province, announced the existence of one and a half billion dollars in foreign exchange earnings and 200,000 jobs in this field and said: pistachios are cultivated in 27 provinces and in addition to currency and employment It […]

Pistachio figure of $ 426 million in the first half of this year in Iran

According to Mehr News Agency, quoting the Commodity Exchange, the Director General of the Office of Cold and Dried Fruits of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture announced: According to statistics, in the first six months of this year, about 63,000 tons of pistachios worth 426 million and 127 thousand dollars were exported. Compared to the […]

Prediction of harvesting 22 tons of saffron in North Khorasan

The director of horticultural affairs of the North Khorasan Agricultural Jihad Organization said in an interview with IRNA on Wednesday: “Currently, the price of each kilogram of saffron flowers in the village of Saffron Bazaar in Farooj is sold at 210,000 Tomans.” Mohammad Ali Sharikian, stating that saffron flowers produced from the fields of the […]

Pale saffron of Iran in world markets

Saffron harvest has recently started in some parts of Khorasan Razavi province, including Torbat-e Heydariyeh and parts of Zaveh city, in a limited way. . Lack of coherent and principled planning for proper packaging and processing, sale of raw materials and bulk sales of saffron products has caused saffron profits to go to farmers instead […]

50% reduction in saffron production in Torbat Heydariyeh

According to the Khorasan Razavi Center Radio News Agency; The director of Torbat Heydariyeh Agricultural Jihad said: Torbat Heydariyeh is known as the center of production of this product in the world by producing quality saffron and reducing saffron production by 50% in Torbat Heydariyeh. Hossein Mohammadi added: “This year, due to the continuation of […]

Prediction of 35% decrease in saffron production in Khorasan Razavi this year

ISNA / Khorasan Razavi The Deputy Minister of Crop Production Improvement of Khorasan Razavi Jihad Agricultural Organization announced a 35% decrease in saffron production in the province compared to last year and said: “Last year, saffron production was 302 tons, but this year it will be less than 200 tons.” In an interview with ISNA, […]

Prediction of harvesting 60 tons of pistachios from the gardens of West Azerbaijan

According to the report of Mahabad Center of Radio and Television News Agency; The Deputy Minister of Crop Production Improvement of the West Azerbaijan Agricultural Jihad Organization said: “According to the forecasts, 60 tons of pistachios will be harvested from 125 hectares of fertile orchards in West Azerbaijan this year.” Jafar Vahdat added: Pistachio planting […]