Iranian pistachio production has dropped by 135,000 tons

The head of the Kerman Chamber, referring to the importance of pistachio products for the country and Kerman province, announced the existence of one and a half billion dollars in foreign exchange earnings and 200,000 jobs in this field and said: pistachios are cultivated in 27 provinces and in addition to currency and employment It […]

Pistachio figure of $ 426 million in the first half of this year in Iran

According to Mehr News Agency, quoting the Commodity Exchange, the Director General of the Office of Cold and Dried Fruits of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture announced: According to statistics, in the first six months of this year, about 63,000 tons of pistachios worth 426 million and 127 thousand dollars were exported. Compared to the […]

Prediction of harvesting 60 tons of pistachios from the gardens of West Azerbaijan

According to the report of Mahabad Center of Radio and Television News Agency; The Deputy Minister of Crop Production Improvement of the West Azerbaijan Agricultural Jihad Organization said: “According to the forecasts, 60 tons of pistachios will be harvested from 125 hectares of fertile orchards in West Azerbaijan this year.” Jafar Vahdat added: Pistachio planting […]

Use of “pistachio” gum in a drink for patients with diabetes

Salamat News: Researchers of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences prepared a kind of dough containing pistachio gum or coriander gum for patients with diabetes and it was found that this drink can be effective in improving the sugar and fat indices of these patients. According to Salamat News, one of the complications of diabetes is […]

The National Festival “Pistachio” in Rafsanjan

In an interview with a Fars reporter in Rafsanjan today, Hassan Hosseini said: “The people of Rafsanjan have been cultivating pistachios for about a century, and the largest man-made artificial forest in the world has been created by the people of this land and besides agriculture and pistachio cultivation.” Which has affected the lives of […]

Pistachio 2021/2022 Crop Forecast

Pistachios USA Next crop weather conditions were favorable, with enough chill hours from November to February and a good bloom period, so expectations are that the 2021/22 is going to be a large off year. There is a relatively large carry-over into 2021/22, which is going to help to stabilize supply. Although there are some ongoing […]

U.S. – Pistachios – Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights

In 2021, production of pistachios in the U.S. will break previous years’ records thanks to large yields and an increase in the bearing average. This will enable an expansion of exports, primarily to the EU and China, and retaining stable prices on the domestic market. Heading into 2022, the U.S. will strengthen its position in […]

Pistachio processing was optimized with Iranian knowledge-based machines

According to the Mehr news agency, quoting the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, a company had been designing and manufacturing automatic pistachio processing machines on its agenda since 1976. Over the years, the company has designed and manufactured various machines to increase the productivity of pistachio harvesting. According to Hossein Shahsavari, CEO of Daneshbanian […]

Pistachio Museum to be set up in Rafsanjan

The governor of Rafsanjan said: the work of creating a pistachio museum in Rafsanjan as the birthplace and origin of pistachios in Iran will be key next week. According to the Mehr correspondent, Majid Fassihi Harandi said on Wednesday night at the closing ceremony of the Employment Photo Festival: “Behind every good event, there are […]